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  • Lab rats

    A sometimes uncomfortably intimate look at Montana’s cutting-edge athlete-performance research facility, and its contagiously enthusiastic leader, Dr. Brent Ruby
  • Blown away

    A trip to Two Medicine Lake involves one major problem and an unexpected discovery
  • White noise

    The last thing you hear before an avalanche sweeps you under can be as subtle as trees rustling in the breeze
  • Take it to the limit

    A sports fan’s friendly wager leads to a sportsman’s dream hunt
  • Mind over mountain

    Climbing Glacier's Mount St. Nicholas requires some gear and a lot of nerve
      Under a smoky gauze of September sky, I wedged my back into the cold, dihedral, dangled my legs over a narrow ledge and peered 4,000 feet down to the V-necked bottom of Coal Creek. Mount Doody, sharp as a wolf's tooth, stood directly across the way. I shuddered and forced a deep breath. This was all wrong.

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  • Oh, Pioneers!

    A newbie backpack trip to Torrey Lake that would make Darwin proud
      The Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway carried me deeper into the valley between the high, jagged eastern peaks and timbered, gently sloping West Pioneers, meandering past flowered meadows wet with streams, grassland ranges speckled with livestock, and thick lodgepole forests. The mountains captivated me—I knew I couldn't be satisfied with just one bike trip. I needed to get into them, on foot.

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  • Heaven & high water

    A kid’s first fishing trip reels the mind

      I looked back and forth between my son and two antelope literally roaming the dusk-lit prairie between the Front Range and the Big Belts and thought: This is what I always wanted before I knew I wanted it.

  • Wet & Wild

    The Bigfork Whitewater Festival celebrates liquid love

      It’s Saturday morning at the public park in Bigfork and I’m hoping to catch some of the nervous energy among the paddlers signing up for the 37th Bigfork Whitewater Festival. A heavy drizzle drums the taut nylon tents and the candy-colored kayaks. I figure the “Wild Mile” must be at a menacing level.

  • Tank goodness

    Pyramid Peak beckons the sled-to-shred crowd

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